Corporate Activities

We are devoted to promote low carbon lifestyle. We deeply believe that if we can make a few little changes: growing plants, making handicrafts and consuming less, we already contribute to the society. 

We are experienced in starting and managing community, schools and corporate farms, including on farmland, rooftop and backyard. Tutors are provided to teach the participants how to farm. Fee depends on the size of the farm and number of participants. Besides, we also provide workshop and activities to promote low carbon lifestyle. 

1. Staff Grow Together

    The workshop will be divided into 3 sessions.

   1. Ploughing and sowing seeds
   2. Weeding and maintenance
   3. Harvesting and sharing

    Seasonal Vegetables

   Mar - Apr: Local ginger
   Apr - May: Roselle
   Sep - Oct: Potatoes
   Oct - Nov: Radish
   Participants: 20 - 40 people

* 30 days advance confirmation is necessary for preparation. 

2. Workshops

- Roselle Jam
- Radish Cake
- Enzymes
- Soapmaking
- Pesto Sauce
Fee depends on the types of workshop and the number of participants. 

Enquiry: 24880602 


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