Message from the Chairperson

主席的話  From the beginning of 2015, agriculture has suddenly become a hot social topic in Hong Kong. North East New Territories New Development Areas Planning and Engineering Study and New Agricultural Policy consultation in late December 2014 heated the discussions about rural development. SEED as one of the earliest non-profit organization promoting sustainable living and organic farming, in the past 15 years, we have been connecting different social sectors to join our campaign, with such effort, organic farming in Hong Kong is not only about vegetables production, but also shows diversified social values and functions to enrich the context of sustainable living.

After transforming in the past 20 years, Hong Kong agriculture has entered into a new era – it has induced 4 functions: production, ecology, living and life to the society. The discussion of value of local farming in Hong Kong should not be only limited to the imported poisonous vegetables. There were times that Hong Kong could achieve over 50% self-sufficient rate for the vegetables consumption, yet it is too far away to have this rate back now. In the recent years, local organic farming’s role has moved beyond food safety focus, it has started a new era of organic movement, an extend of green movement that leading to explorations of various community-supported agriculture, community farms, collective purchase and alternative economic patterns. Land and agricultural discussions are challenging Neoliberalism which has been great impact in Hong Kong since 1980s. 

Therefore our work focus has been shifting to the community. The future development of Hong Kong should be based on a new sustainable lifestyle. Agriculture is a living and culture, simple organic lifestyle is the new direction of our society development. Organic farming provides us safe food while sustainable lifestyle nurtures our mental and spiritual health. This sow the seeds of conferring vision of Hong Kong in the community.

In the future, we will continue to support the development of Hong Kong organic farming, and promote sustainable lifestyle in diversified ways. At the same time, we connect more sectors and gather more social resources to support sustainable development in Hong Kong. Furthermore, we will persuade more corporate to engage in social responsibility and fair trade. 

Thank you for the support and encouragement from the sector and the public, we are looking forward to be with you together and build a sustainable community together. 

Angus Lam


August 2015

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