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It is very important to handle the plastic containers for microwave ovens carefully: 

- It should be washed thoroughly before first use

- If the lid is not composed of PP, it should be removed before heating in the microwave.

- Not all the plastic containers are suitable for microwave ovens. If you are not certain and there is no such product description, you should not use the containers in the microwave. 

- Avoid using plastic containers to reheat oily or high sugar level food. 

- Always follow the instruction of the plastic container's user manual. 

It is quite often we use aluminum foil to wrap fish or meat to bake or barbecue, don't add lemon juice inside! Aluminum foil is a kind of metal, when metal is heated with acidic materials, there will be chemical reaction and may lead to generation of carcinogen.

Ingredients: Chili, Pepper Garlic, Onion and Ginger mix

Quash one or more ingredients, then add water, soap as a adhesive agent.
Proportion for ingredients to water is 1:4.

Shake the mix every day and store it for 2 weeks.

Take 1 portion of mix and dilute with 10 portion of water into the sprayer. Then spray on the plants and soil to expel the pests.

Spraying after raining or watering is necessary.  

What you need: 
White Sugar 20g
Flour 50g
Borax 20g
Water     A little

Mix up the ingredients with water to be a dough, divide the dough into a few, place them on the places where ants and cockroaches often appear and you will find their number will reduce. This method is also suitable to practise on the farms, you can place the doughes at the ends of the farm. 

Handmade soap is a kin我們的肥皂全為本地生產,人手製作,從回收食用油,到過濾、皂化、包裝,整個過程由我們公社的姊妹一手一腳完成,除了基本的生活津貼,我們還須支付運輸、廠租,水電等等支出,由於過程中我們期望做到不增加環境的負擔,真正零污染,以致使用最少的石化能源(如少用機器)

Soap can be directly placed on stains, then add water to rub; or you can use wet cleaning pad or towels to rub the soap, then you can use the pads or towels to wash dishes, trainers...etc. Another way to effectively use the soap is to put the soap in the old socks, stockings or small sacks to generate the foams when use. 

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