Green School


Through various activities and workshops to nuture children's confidence, sense of responsibility, peer cooperation, concern of environment and understand how human activities affect the world.  

1. School Farm Design and Tutorial Service

It is important for the children to understand where the food comes from. According to our experience, students' levels of confidence, team work spirit and responsibility probably increase after growing their own food. They also cherish food much more than before after the workshop.

No matter the school size, farm is still possible and become a centre for green education. SEED has experienced tutors to design and teach organic farming

Fees depends on the size of the farm

2. Workshops & Seminars

I.  Easy Soap-making、Easy Enzyme-making and other upcycling activities. 

II. Interactive seminar

Topics: Organic Farming, Climate Change, Globalization, Consumption and Resources. 

Seminar durates around 45 minutes to 1 hours, each costs from $1,000 to $1,500.


Enquiry: 24880602


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